Lab outreach


Article in The Conversation with Kinga Morsanyi about thinking, reasoning and decision making in autism, December 2019



Tedx talk by Ruth Byrne, March 2017



Installation by Irish artist Grace Weir ‘if only something else had happened’ including the film ‘if A then B’ featuring recordings of Ruth Byrne, Cristina Quelhas and Csongor Juhos as well as video recordings of participants in intention experiments.

Featured in the showGrace Weir, 3 different nights, recurring‘ at the Irish Museum of Modern Art 2016.

For a review see the Irish Times Jan 21 2016

Premiered in the show ‘Apertures and Anxieties’ at the Royal Hibernian Academy Art Gallery 2011.



Live Collision International Arts Festival 2014 Project Arts theatre

Performative research enquiry by Irish artist Jesse Presley Jones including presentation by Ruth Byrne and opera performance by Janyce Condon in Occulus Rift virtual reality system, produced by Caroline Campbell.



Smock Alley Theatre, November 2013

A festival of talks organised by Dublin City Council, the Royal Irish Academy and Science Foundation Ireland, as part of ‘Innovation Dublin’ under the banner ‘6 speakers, 6 minutes, 6 big ideas!’



Experiments in the Science Gallery  ‘where art and science collide’- one of the top five free cultural exhibits in Dublin

Risklab ‘Lab in the Gallery’ 2nd May to 23rd June 2013

“RISK LAB examines the psychology and mathematics underpinning the risks that surround every aspect of our lives, and our ability to assess and understand those risks”.

Experiments by Mary Parkinson & Ruth Byrne (media description in Nature 2013, 497, p.438).



Experiments in the Science Gallery  ‘where art and science collide’  -one of the top five free cultural exhibits in Dublin

‘Happy’ Lab in the Gallery 27th April to 3rd June 2012

“HAPPY? presents visitors with a series of real research experiments exploring the causes, correlates and consequences of happiness through a living psychological laboratory”






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