Latest news: RiskLab

Mary Parkinson and Ruth Byrne have contributed an experiment to the Science Gallery’s latest exhibition ‘RISKLAB’.

The Science Gallery describes RISK LAB   as examining “the psychology and mathematics underpinning the risks that surround every aspect of our lives, and our ability to assess and understand those risks”.

The experiment is described by the Science Gallery as follows:
“RISKY RIGHTS AND WRONGS  What would you do if faced with a moral dilemma? Would you choose a solution that would definitely solve some of the problem, or would you risk it all for a chance to solve all of it? This experiment examines how people make risky moral decisions.”

Trinity’s Science Gallery – ‘a place where science and art collide’ –  is one of the top ten free cultural attractions in Ireland. RISKLAB runs from 2nd May to 23rd June 2013.

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