APS convention, New York, May 21st-24th 2015

The Association for Psychological Science held its annual conference in New York on May 21st-24th. Research by members of the group featured in two symposia:

Chair: Ruth Byrne

1. Ruth Byrne,  Orlando Espino
Trinity College Dublin, University of Dublin, Ireland
University of La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain
‘Conditionals and embodied representations’

2. Henry Markovits, Janie Brisson, Pier-Luc de Chantal.
University of Quebec, Montreal, Canada
‘Deductive updating is not Bayesian’

3. Ray Nickerson
Tufts University, US
‘Probabilistic conditional reasoning’

4.Geoff Goodwin, Phil Johnson-Laird.
University of Pennsylvania, US
New York University, US
‘The truth of conditional assertions’

Chair: Ruth Byrne

1. Denis Hilton, Christophe Schmeltzer.
University of Toulouse, France
‘A question of detail: Matching counterfactuals to actual cause in pre-emption scenarios’

2. Ruth Byrne, Eoin Gubbins, Tiago Almeida
Trinity College Dublin, University of Dublin, Ireland
‘Counterfactual if only thoughts in moral elevation and emulation intentions’

3. Kai Epstude, Kai Jonas.
University of Groningen, Netherlands
‘Testing the effects of counterfactual thoughts in health behavior’

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