Couto, Quelhas & Byrne 2017

Marta Couto has published some of the experiments she carried out for her PhD:

Couto, M., Quelhas, A. C., & Byrne, R. M. (2017). Advice conditionals about tips and warnings: interpretations and inferences. Journal of Cognitive Psychology, in press.

The abstract is as follows:

‘Two experiments examine how people interpret and reason about advice conditionals, such as tips, e.g., ‘if you study more your grades will improve’, and warnings, e.g., ‘if you stop exercising you will gain weight’. Experiment 1 showed that when participants reason about whether a tip or warning could be true in different situations, their judgments correspond to a biconditional or conditional interpretation on about half of all trials, but to an enabling or tautology interpretation on many others. Experiment 2 showed that participants make few modus ponens and tollens inferences from tips and warnings, and more modus ponens inferences from tips than warnings. The implications for alternative theories are discussed.’

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