Experimental Psychology Society meeting, Queen’s University Belfast

The Experimental Psychology Society held a meeting in Queen’s University Belfast on the 10th-12th April 2017 which hosted a symposium on Moral Reasoning and Counterfactuals:

Symposium: Moral reasoning and counterfactuals
Organiser: Ruth Byrne
2:00 Bertram F Malle  (Brown University)
In blame and guilt, counterfactuals are for unintentional behaviors
2:30 Jonathan Phillips  (Harvard University)
The relevance of alternative possibilities
3:00 TEA
3:30 Ruth Byrne, Mary Parkinson, Shane Timmons & Tiago Almeida
(Trinity College Dublin)
Counterfactual ‘if only’ and semifactual ‘even if’ thoughts and
moral judgments
4:00 Daniel A Effron and Lisa L Shu (London Business School)
Truthy lies:How counterfactual thinking can facilitate dishonesty

4:30 Teresa McCormack and Brian Uprichard (Queen’s University Belfast)                    Moral development and regret

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